Who are we?

The him dub festival is a result of community gatherings. The urge of new systems made us embrace both sustentability, a more natural way of living, and what the digital realm can offer us to be updated to the present necessities. So we made our 1st collection: it has 10 nfts. 10 copies of each.

Why are you making this NFT?

This nft is an opportunity even if you didnt went to the festival, to participate and support the development ofall the projects from our network.

In each nft, there is a picture that is a handmade watercolor painting from chloé bernal. If you have the whole collection (the 9 different squares), you will receive a bonus nft, That gives you 30% discount in all the events and merchandising produced by nomad embassy, and Chloé Bernal will make a unique painting for you. You will be updated through our newsletter and you will be whitelisted for next collection.

Where can I buy it?

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