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The 5 days Festival ticket includes access to the camping area.


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You can opt for having access to the caravan parking lot when purchasing your ticket. The Caravan Park has toilets and showers.

Around the festival

The Cro Hotel Rural and Termal Spa in Rapoula do Côa (3,4 Km distance from the Festival)


Community Kitchen



At HIM DUB Festival we believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to take care of the earth and each other. We believe that each one of us can make a difference and a change. 

Hygiene kit

For that reason the Festival offers an ecological personal hygiene kit. We would gratefully ask you to use it during your stay at the festival to prevent the contamination of the water and soil and preserve the Environment.

Waste sorting

We divide all waste. Organic waste goes back to the ground in form of compost but also as food for the sheeps.





Which are the Festival dates? 

The festival begins on 28th of August and will run until the 1st of September, in the late night. 

Where is the Festival? 

The festival’s site is located on the River Beach of Rapoula do Côa, Portugal. A little village in the north of the country and 20km from the Spanish border. 

When can I arrive? 

The festival, camping and parking site will be open from Tuesday 27th of August at 16H, but the Festival will start on Wednesday. Only persons with the full ticket pass can have access to the Festival from Tuesday.

Are there age restrictions?

No, this festival is inclusive and welcomes all genders, ages, orientation, religions and nationalities. We encourage families to come with their children and kids as the Festival aims to gather all generations. 

Will there be information points in the festival? 

Yes, you will find an information point at the ticket counter, at the entrance of the Festival. (Check out the map, AREAS)

Can I bring my food and my drinks? 

Yes, there will be a community kitchen accessible to all people on the Festival site. No alcoholics drinks are allowed in the Festival site, only at the camping/caravan park.

Where and how can I find food and drinks? 

You will find food and drinks within the Festival site from morning until late night. 

Will there be free water access? 

Yes on the camping site, caravan park and Festival site.

Should I bring my swimsuit?

Definitely, the Festival is constructed around a beautiful river place with different access.



What tickets are available?

You can buy a pass 5 days (from Wednesday till Sunday), a Caravan parking ticket, a one day ticket and a special week-end pass. But also a family pass that counts 3 persons.

Where to buy the tickets? 

On the website of the Festival in the menu “Tickets”.

Is it possible to buy my ticket at the entrance of the Festival? 

Yes, you will be able to buy your tickets at the entrance of the Festival at the ticket counter.

What to do once I bought my ticket? 

You will receive a QRCODE. This QRCODE will need to be presented the day of the Festival. Either printed or on your phone. 

Do ticket prices vary depending on the date of purchase?

The price of tickets increases progressively in batches over time and each batch has a limited number of tickets. 

I bought my ticket but I can not go, can I be refunded? 

No, we do not refund tickets, except if a situation obliges us to cancel the Festival. 

I bought my ticket but did not receive any confirmations.

Send us an email at:

I want to come with my kids, should I buy a ticket for them?

The Festival is free for kids under the age of 12. 


I want to come with my caravan, is it possible? 

Of course, we most welcome travelers and nomads. As Nomads ourselves, we made it as comfortable as possible for travelers. The Caravan park is located close to the main areas and the river.

Are there specific places for caravans? 

Yes, a specific area is dedicated to caravans.

How much is it? 

35€ for the 5 days.

Can I use a generator, a stove or a barbecue?

No, due to the high temperatures during the summer and the drought, none of those are allowed.

I am arriving during the night, will the parking be open?

Yes, the access to the parking is open from 16H on Wednesday 1st until Thursday midnight.

Can I move my Caravan from the Caravan Park during the festival?

No you will not be able to move your vehicle for the duration of the festival once it is parked.

Are pets allowed in the Caravan park?

No, but we do understand that it might be difficult for travelers to find someone to take care of them while you attend the festival. In this case, we allow your animals inside of the caravan park, on leach only . 


Can I camp where my car is parked?

No, the parking lot and camping are located in different areas.

Do I have access to camping?

Yes, the camping site is free.

When can I pitch the tent?

From the 27th of August (Tuesday) at 16h until the 2nd of September (Monday) at 12h.

Can I choose my place to camp?

Yes, but only inside the limitations of the camping site.

I’m bringing my family, is there a specific place for camping?

Yes, you can tell us at the entrance of the festival if you prefer the family area or the normal camping site. We highly advise the people on the family camping site to keep the place peaceful, as there will be children and babies. And those who are not with children to stay in the “normal” camping area.

Will we have access to toilets and showers on the camping site?



Does the festival have a waste recycling system?

Yes, all organic waste will be reused for compost. The compost will be used by the farmers who provided the Festival with fruits and vegetables. Wastes will be divided and separated. 

Can I use my shower products on the site of the land? 

Every person on the Festival will receive a kit of hygiene composed of a soap\shampoo and a toothpaste. Those are organic products, handmade in Portugal. They have no chemicals and no impact on the environment. We count on your consciousness to use those products rather than others. Everyone using organic products is welcome to use their own. 

Am I obliged to use the reusable cups from the festival? 

No, you can bring your own reusable cups.

Are the plates for food made out of plastic? 

No, our food plates are made out of corn. Even if after your delicious meal you still want a bite, you can eat your plate!


Parking, Camping & Caravans Instructions:

Please ensure you read the following instructions very carefully:

  • Please recycle all rubbish at designated recycling points and get rid of trash in rubbish bins.
  • Pets are NOT allowed at HIM DUB FESTIVAL, except in the Caravan Park. All dogs must be leached.
  • Do not pour wastewater! It is a golden
    resource and we all need to acknowledge it.
  • Please, help us keep the Caravan and Camping areas clean, safe and fun by maintaining your area and looking out for each other’s possessions. Make friends with your neighbors. Take care of each other.
  • Please, take care of your neighbors and do not damage tents and personal belongings.
  • Be mindful of trees, plants and the tiniest forms of life. Do not disturb the ants by pitching your tent on their home! We can all have fun and still respect nature.


  • Visitors agree that they will be photographed, filmed or recorded as an integral part of the audience. All video, photograph and audio materials made by the organization at the venue are subject to use in promotional materials for the festival, without limitations of time and space, at the sole discretion of the Festival and its organizers. 
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be served to individuals under the age of 18 and to people with visible changes in their state of consciousness.
  • No dogs are allowed at the Festival, except in the Caravan park. All dogs must be on leash ! Please keep in mind that our lovely friends do not like loud music. They can detect sounds at a frequency of approximately 67-45.000Hz. Compare this to humans, who hear within the frequency range of 64-23.000Hz. This means that they can hear sounds we cannot, so can you imagine how heavy it would be for them. However, we do understand that it might be difficult for travelers to find someone to take care of him/her while you will be at the Festival. Thereby, we allow animals inside of the caravan park. We do not allow them inside of the camping site or inside the festival area. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for taking care of them.
  • You can not bring your own alcoholic drink inside the Festival area. Of course you can bring your drinks and food in the Camping/Caravan park.