HIM DUB FESTIVAL expect to gather all generations, the ones of today and the ones of tomorrow around Soudsystem Culture and much more. Moving forward into subjects that touch all of us and our environment, treating our self and others consciously. Living Sound System as a powerful medium of expression, education and culture.

The Festival is supported by an ecological ideology, with special emphasis on food sustainability promoting local products and development.

The Festival intends to develop an important human, social and economical collaboration with the region itself, by stimulating and creating activities aiming to contribute to its development growth, with participants and audience of several nationalities and cultures.

H.I.M is the acronym used by HIS & HER IMPERIAL MAJESTIES, Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw, respectively.

Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen broke the tradition of a single monarch coronation and were crowned together on the 2nd of November 1920, a symbolic display of the divine union and balance of masculine and feminine energy. An event that was attended by dignitaries and representatives of 72 different nations, an unprecedented event for the coronotion of African royalty in the 1930s.

In his 44 years on the throne, HIM Emperor Haile Selassie worked unceasingly with an unparalleled forward-thinking vision to modernise Ethiopia, and free Africa from colonial bondage. He voluntarily abolished slavery upon assuming the throne and voluntarily established a constitution of governance to redistribute power in a more democratic way.

To the RasTafari brothers and sisters, he is the saviour, the redeemer, the divine, God in flesh as a black African King. To pan-Africanists, he is the godfather of African unity and the founder of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). To those who opposed fascism, he was an icon of victorious triumph following his defeat of Mussolini in 1941, after five years of attempted occupation of Ethiopia by the Italian fascist army.

Haile Selassie relentlessly campaigned for nuclear disarmament and world peace. He was a pivotal figure in forming the United Nations and drafting the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

He was a firm advocate for women’s rights and consequently a great friend to Sylvia Pankhurst so much that she spent the last part of her life living in Addis Ababa. Empress Menen too devoted much of her energy to charitable duties focused on women, children, the poor and the handicapped.

Dub describes a unique mixing process, carried out post-recording, that involves using the mixing desk live as a dynamic, musical arrangement and mixing tool.

This process was pioneered by greats such as King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry and Scientist, who created innovative versions of songs by removing vocals and instruments and adding special effects such as reverb, echo and filters.

Something that may seem ordinary today, but in the ’60s, this was unheard of, even considered idiotic by some, yet 60+ years later, that decision has shaped the entire global landscape of music production styles.

This style has taken with it the messages of RasTafari, the traditions and cultures and the teachings of HIM Emperor Haile Selassie. Inside these teachings is holistic guidance on all matters of life – from socio-economics, politics, spirituality, resistance, rebellion, revolution, the nature of the divine and the relationship between humans, the divine and the natural world.

A unique and profound culture and an equally impressive and deep way of sharing and participating in musical experience. One particular style of the reggae sound system that focuses on the roots, dub and stepper styles of reggae has become popular wolrdwide.

The heart of the festival’s musical offering is Reggae Sound System.

HIM DUB Festival is where all of these elements and influences meet.

Set on a beautiful river, surrounded by hills and nature, in the peaceful and majestic Portuguese countryside.

The sacred frequency of the reggae bass lines roll across the landscape and calls all to rally from near and far. The lyrical -word, sound and power of reggae music educates, uplifts, comforts and inspired – laced with ancient wisdom for these troubled times.