“Rastafari Cultural Yard ቤተ ራስ ተፈሪ” results from a mobilization of Brothers and Sisters who share the Rastafari Experience of life, united in favor of sharing the “Flavors and Knowledge” of Rastafari Culture. This mobilization was born through an invitation from the organization of the HIM DUB Festival to establish a space where the Reggea / Dub Massive can enjoy the Flavors of Ital Food (Vital) of the “Rastas”, also knowing the path of the Rastafari Movement since its Origins to the present day. as well as participating in some activities and ceremonies inherent to Rastafarian Culture.

The objective is to contribute to “keep the Spiritual Fire of the Rastafari Movement” alive and present in Portugal and in the World.

“Rastafari Cultural Yard ቤተ ራስ ተፈሪ“ aims to be a dynamic space within the concept of the Festival, in order to provide and promote an environment of Irie and Positive Vibrations.

Above all “Rastafari Cultural Yard ቤተ ራስ ተፈሪ” will be a space of Reverence, Awareness and Praise

to His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I King of Kings and Her Royal Highness Empress Menen I Mother of Ire tion .

“Rastafari Cultural Yard ቤተ ራስ ተፈሪ – HIM DUB FESTIVAL” basically consists of 5 areas:

    It is the space where Ital Fod will be prepared and served.
  2. NYAHBINGHI & REASONING YARD This will be the space where both, Nyahbinghi Ceremonials will take place, as well as “Reasonings”, lectures or “Workshops” related to Rastafari Culture. Some topics will be covered and the mass will have the opportunity to attend and interact with some Guests who will be able to share their experience or knowledge regarding Rastafari Culture. This year we will have the honorable presence of Ras Ibi, Ras Binghi Iword, Ras Julio, Systa Benji Paula among many other distinguished Guests and Collaborators.
    It will be the space where will be exposed for sale, some products (merchandising and handicrafts) for the massive that will attend the Festival.
    In this space, Creative, Recreational and Educational Activities will take place with our Children.
    This will be the space where we will share works from different associations, congregations, Mansions or Comunnities related to Rastafari Livity and the Pan African Movemment